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A My Year With The Tribe – Episode 1 – Ear Grub

If there’s any question, which one is the hardest project we’ve been working on, no doubt we will said “My Year With The Tribe”. A Series, 3 episode documentary, featuring young explorer and writer, William Millard, BBC Presenter and Asa Film friend. Dear Friend. 
This project has really interesting aspects, in every angle we’ll see. You named it. The shoot it self takes in the length of a year, a month each. 4 times coming back and forth, with different story in each one. 
Will said recently : “I’ve always accepted than when you go into Papua, you can have and idea of what you want to do but it’s going to change “ 
He was right, everything was change, and changed become our daily routine while we’re filming. Exciting.

On the ideal world, a fixer/local producer will come in advance to locations, find the character that fit to the story, make an approach w/ them before the crew come. This one, of course different. When we were coming first time, and it was first time for everybody, we don’t know what we will expect in the locations, we just know how to get there. So the first shoot, was a proper adventure, we all play by ear, find out from one person to another person, went to 3 locations and met three character that we consider for Will to stay for the whole year in this documentary. 

On this trip we learned that most of Korowai are in transition, they moved to the village formed by the government. All of the youth start to have their own cell phone, even though it’s just for listen to the music. The story itself is fascinating, and yet we are unaware of what will happened next. Logistically very hard, we have to work for hours to get there, we bring our own cook and bring lots of food with us to survive in the jungle, we made it though…we came in as individual, and came up from the jungle as a family.

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