. Back To The Wild .

Meet Dr. Karmele Sanchez, 36 years old Vet that dedicate her life for orangutan in Indonesia. She build a rescue centre with her team in West Borneo, Indonesia in 2007. With help from International vets, scientist, staff and volunteers, they rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned orangutans and release them back to the wild. Release, not very often happened. It’s require long process. But, we are coming in the perfect time.

We get the privilege to go to deep thick rain forest in Borneo. This time to release ‘Kaliba’ 15 years old Male Orang Utan to his habitat. In order to do this we have to drive for 7 hours to National Park Mountain Tarak and then walk for about 5 hours to reach the spot when we believe it’s good for Kaliba start his new life. The release has been a huge success. There’s no word to describe when you looked to orangutan back to the wild, to the place where they should belong. Logistic stuff and risk assessment from this point were so challenging, but we made it.

It’s incredibly satisfying to return an orangutan back to the forest. Once we opened the cage for Kaliba he exited calmly with dignity back to his home in the wild. He climbed a tree and remained there for hours. The release team, and all of us, felt joy at his release, smiles all around. 
Orangutan, which means ‘man of the forest’ in the Indonesian language, belong in the forest. I’m sure you’ll agree with that. 

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